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Introducing the online learning platform built by New Zealand PE teachers, for New Zealand PE teachers and their students. The only learning platform of its kind in New Zealand.

My Study Series provides hundreds of engaging videos targeting every Physical Education achievement standard at Level 1, 2 and 3. With automated quizzing and access to student progress data, teachers can spend more time focusing on developing authentic and meaningful learning contexts within the classroom.

Key features of My Study Series

Hundreds of videos

My Study Series features over two hundred engaging videos targeting every physical education achievement standard at Level 1, 2 and 3. Our video content is relevant, up to date and suitable for all learning contexts. The organic nature of the platform means we will always be adding new content.

Automated quizzing

At the completion of every video, students are presented with an automated quiz based on content from the video they have just watched. This provides an opportunity for students to check understanding and receive feedback about their current progress.

Tracking of student progress

As students advance through each achievement standard, teachers are able to access data informing them of how well their students are doing. From course progress to the latest quiz results, teachers can rest assured students are hitting their targets. 

Badging system

My Study Series rewards learners through the use of an online badging system. Students can earn achievements and badges from virtually every course, video and quiz activity available on the learning platform. This provides external motivation for your students to engage with the content.

Mastery learning

With access to all videos, students can progress when they feel they have "mastered" the content. Constant review and feedback from the automated quizzing facilitates permanent learning with minimal gaps in knowledge. Students can progress to the next concept, confident they have the skills and ability to do so.

Accessible on any device

My Study Series is accessible on any device as long as there is an internet connection or access to data. This allows for learning to take place anywhere and at any time.

Carl Condliffe is the Director of My Study Series. He is currently employed at Rongotai College and has been a Head of Department for 8 years. Carl is a big proponent of the flipped classroom and has travelled the world speaking about this  

concept at a range of conferences. As well as having taught Physical Education at all levels, he was also a marker for Scholarship Physical Education in 2014 and 2015. Carl manages the successful teaching and physical education blog - NZ PE Teacher

What our students and teachers think

My study series has been fantastic for my senior students to gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of key PE concepts. This has allowed for greater differentiation within my classes, and the ability to apply higher order thinking tasks in a practical context.

Cameron Smith, teacher. Scots College

By watching video content outside of the classroom, I was able to revisit key PE concepts we had covered during our lesson which served to reinforce my level of understanding.

Abby-Lee Freeman, student. Wellington High School

Students accessing video content by My Study Series at home allowed me to repurpose our classroom time, resulting in more authentic and meaningful learning experiences.

Susie Cottrell, teacher. Papanui High School

Using videos from My Study Series, I have been able to use the time saved from traditional theory lessons, to reinforce student learning through practical applications. 

Jacob Kelly, teacher. St Johns College

My Study Series allowed me to watch video content at my own pace so that I could pay particular attention to comprehend the PE concepts I was struggling with. 

Nathan Smith, student. Rongotai College 

L3 PE Excellence endorsement, PE Scholarship 2015

Pro rata access for all new subscriptions to My Study Series. Enter the code TERM2 at checkout for 25% off all packages!

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Online badging 

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Administration group providing teachers in your department access to every single achievement standard on the platform

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